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Two For One Wiper Blades

Posted on November 01,18 by dearholtauto


Rain will fall. Sleet will freeze. And birds will drop.
Whatever’s in the sky seems to land right on your windshield. And there’s ALWAYS extra driving to be done through holiday season weather and vacationing bird traffic. One way to stay safe is to improve your auto’s vision by replacing those old or crumbling wiper blades before the first frosty storms. Through November and December, you can buy one NAPA Quality windshield wiper blade and get one FREE. It’s like getting new glasses for your car when you steer your way to your participating NAPA AutoCare Center, for two new Quality NAPA wiper blades. Remember – through December, Two for One Makes 20-20. You and your family will see better and drive safer. Visit your neighborhood NAPA AutoCare Today BEFORE things fall, freeze or drop.

Last Chance for you to Pick a Promotion

Posted on January 27,17 by dearholtauto


You tell us what you need done and pick the promotion to save.

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Nothing Lasts Forever

Posted on January 04,16 by dearholtauto


POP! That’s how quickly one of your vehicle’s belts can fail and leave you stranded. CHA-CHING! That’s how quickly you can instantly save $20 on a new NAPA belt that could have prevented the POP! So, visit Dearholt AutoCare, your local NAPA AutoCare Center today for a FREE belts and hoses inspection. If needed, we’ll install a new NAPA Belts & Hoses Power OE Belt and DriveAlign Tensioner — and you’ll save $20 instantly! Start off 2016 right … with a FREE belts and hoses inspection at Dearholt AutoCare at7201 Wyoming NE! Offer good through February 29, 2016, for most cars, light trucks and SUVs.

Headlamps or Wipers – Buy One Get One Free

Posted on October 30,15 by dearholtauto


When you drive, almost all of the decisions you make are influenced by one thing: your ability to see clearly. So with inclement weather ahead, now’s the time to get to Dearholt AutoCare for a great deal on windshield wipers and premium headlight capsules! Have one NAPA Wiper Blade or qualifying headlight installed and we’ll give you the second blade or capsule FREE! Before you head out for the holidays, head to Dearholt AutoCare, your local NAPA AutoCare Center at 7201 Wyoming Boulevard Northeast
Albuquerque, NM 87109
. FREE Wiper Blade and capsule offer good through December 31.

Tax Rebate – Why You Need AC Service

Posted on April 10,15 by dearholtauto

stay-frostyDon’t wait until you need your air conditioning in hot weather to find out that your vehicle is low on Freon! You need your A/C even in winter! Did you know that every time you turn on your defroster, your air conditioning compressor must dry the air before the defroster directs it to your windshield?

Low Freon may indicate a leak. However, it is normal for some Freon to escape, due to the movement of your vehicle’s engine, the expansion and contraction of the materials that make up the A/C system, and variations in the operating speed of your air conditioning compressor due to engine RPM. Your air conditioning system should be checked for proper operation and Freon charge at least once a year. Insufficient Freon can damage your vehicle’s compressor, expansion valve and seals, resulting in very costly repairs.

Maintaining the proper amount of Freon ensures that the refrigerant oil is carried through your air conditioning system to lubricate its moving parts and seals. We have the most sophisticated air conditioning service and leak detection equipment now available. We are certified by ASE and MACS to handle both R12 and the new R134A refrigerant. Call today to make an appointment!


POP! You Are Stranded…

Posted on December 30,14 by dearholtauto

POP! That’s how quickly one of your vehicle’s belts can fail and leave you stranded. CHA-CHING! That’s how quickly you can instantly save $25 on a new NAPA belt that could have prevented the POP in the first place. So visit Dearholt AutoCare, your local NAPA AutoCare Center today for an inspection of your belts and hoses. If needed, we’ll install a NAPA Premium Micro V-Belt and DriveAlign Tensioner – and you’ll save $25 instantly! Start 2015 off right with a belts and hoses inspection at Dearholt AutoCare! Offer good through February 28,2015, for most cars, light trucks and SUVs.


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